AI: The Witty Wanderers

The Witty Wanderers adventure starts in Greenhaven, a charming town on the edge of a dense forest. Four layers of AI were used, Our DM Generator for ChatGPT to craft the storyline and DeepAI for imagery. provided music, while created lyric videos.


The adventures of The Witty Wanderers begin in a small town called Greenhaven, located at the edge of a dense forest. Greenhaven is a quaint and peaceful town, surrounded by farmland and small orchards. The town is home to a mix of humans, elves, and dwarves who coexist peacefully, working together to maintain the town’s prosperity. The town is overseen by a town council, made up of a mix of wealthy landowners, successful merchants, and respected community leaders. 

The Witty Wanderers

Grommash Orc Warrior

Grommash the Half Orc Warrior is a towering figure with rippling muscles and a fierce gaze. He stands at 6’5″ and is always seen wearing a suit of leather armor, with a great axe strapped to his back. He has piercing green eyes and a rough, unkempt beard that frames his strong jawline. His skin is a dark shade of green, betraying his orcish heritage. He carries himself with a sense of confidence and strength that exudes authority and leadership.


Grommash was born in a tribe of orcs, but he never felt like he belonged. He was smaller and weaker than the other orcs, but he was smart and cunning. One day, he saw a human warrior in a nearby village and was fascinated by the way he fought. Grommash begged the human to teach him how to fight like him, and the warrior reluctantly agreed. Grommash trained hard and eventually left his tribe to travel the land as a warrior, seeking to prove himself to his people and find a place where he belonged.

Lilith Dark Elf Priestess

Lilith the Dark Elf Priestess Cleric is a petite and graceful figure, standing at just over 5’0″. She has pale, almost ghostly skin that contrasts with her long, flowing black hair. Her piercing blue eyes seem to see into the very soul of those she speaks with, and her gentle voice is often soothing and comforting to those who seek her aid. She wears a simple, yet elegant robe adorned with religious symbols and carries a mace, both of which suggest her devotion to her faith.


Lilith was born into a powerful family of dark elves, but she always felt drawn to the worship of the light. Her family saw this as a betrayal and disowned her. Lilith spent years wandering the land, studying the ways of the gods and trying to find her place in the world. One day, she had a vision of a great darkness spreading across the land, and knew that it was her duty to fight against it. She became a priestess of the light, using her magic to heal the sick and protect the innocent.

Razzle the Gnome Bard

Razzle the Gnome Bard is a small, yet energetic figure, standing at just over 3’0″. He has a mop of wild, curly hair and a toothy grin that never seems to leave his face. His eyes are a bright shade of green and seem to sparkle with mischief and wonder. He wears a brightly colored tunic adorned with various musical instruments, and carries a lute that he often plays when not engaging in combat. He moves with a quickness and agility that belies his small size and often uses his magic and music to aid his companions.


Razzle was born into a family of musicians, and was a natural performer from a young age. He traveled the land with his family, playing music and entertaining crowds. However, Razzle always felt like he was meant for something more. He wanted to use his music to make a difference in the world. One day, he met a group of adventurers who were fighting against a powerful evil, and joined them on their quest. Razzle discovered that his music had magical powers, and began to use it to aid his new friends in battle.

Arin the Half Elf Rogue

Arin the Half Elf Rogue is a slim and agile figure, standing at 5’10”. He has a mischievous glint in his eye and a quick wit that often gets him out of trouble. His blonde hair is kept short, framing his sharp features and piercing blue eyes. He wears tight-fitting leather armor that allows for maximum mobility, and carries a pair of short swords at his hip. He moves with a cat-like grace, and often disappears into the shadows when the situation calls for it.


Arin grew up on the streets, stealing to survive. She was a natural thief, and soon became one of the best in the city. One day, she tried to steal from a powerful merchant, and was caught. The merchant was impressed by her skills, and instead of turning her over to the authorities, he offered her a job. Arin worked for the merchant for many years, honing her skills and learning how to gather information as well as steal. Eventually, she decided to strike out on her own and see what else the world had to offer.

Zephyr Elf Ranger Unicorn

Zephyr the elf ranger unicorn is a majestic and beautiful creature, standing at 6’0″ when in humanoid form. Her long, flowing hair is the color of moonlight and cascades down her back in a shimmering waterfall. Her eyes are a piercing shade of blue that seems to glow with an inner light. She wears a suit of studded leather armor and carries a longbow, which she uses with deadly precision. When in her true form as a unicorn, her white coat is adorned with a shimmering horn that glows in the presence of danger or magic. She moves with a grace and fluidity that suggests a deep connection to the natural world.


Zephyr was born in the forest, and always felt a connection to the animals and the trees. As she grew older, she discovered that she had a special bond with unicorns, and could even transform into one herself. Zephyr became a ranger, using her skills to protect the forest and its inhabitants. She eventually left the forest to explore the wider world, but always remained true to her love of nature and her unicorn heritage.

Fantasy art of a female elf ranger.
The Groupie Horde

The Groupie Horde is a swarm of dedicated fans, who will stop at nothing to get close to their favorite adventurers. They are a chaotic mass of people, all with varying degrees of skill and abilities. They have a strong desire to be noticed by their idols, and will do whatever it takes to impress them.


As the party looks around, they see a small group of people standing nearby, wearing matching t-shirts and holding signs with their names on them. One of them, a young woman with bright pink hair, steps forward and speaks up.
“Hey there! We’re your biggest fans!” she says, beaming with excitement. “We heard about all your adventures and we just had to come see you in person!”
The rest of the group nods in agreement and cheers, waving their signs and chanting the party’s names.

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The Drunken Dragon

As The Witty Wanderers walk into the local tavern, the smell of ale and freshly cooked food fills their noses. The tavern is moderately crowded, with a mix of locals and travelers alike. The Witty Wanderers see a bulletin board on the wall, covered in various notices, requests for help, and wanted posters. The bartender greets them warmly, “Hello there, welcome to The Drunken Dragon. What can I get for you today?”

As the party looks around, they see a few people huddled together in the corner, whispering and occasionally looking around nervously. There is also a well-dressed man sitting alone at a table, sipping on a glass of wine and studying a map. The Witty Wanderers notice a few requests for help on the bulletin board, including one from a local farmer who is having trouble with goblins raiding his farm and another from a merchant who needs a group to escort him and his goods to the next town. What would you like to do?

Razzle takes the stage and begins to play a lively tune on his lute. The patrons of the tavern stop their conversations and turn to listen to his music, and soon a small crowd gathers around him.

Meanwhile, the rest of The Witty Wanderers approach the well-dressed man studying the map. He looks up as they approach, and greets them with a polite nod. “Greetings, travelers. Is there something I can help you with?” he asks.

The man introduces himself as Lord Harcourt, a wealthy landowner who owns a large estate just outside of town. He tells the party that he is in need of some adventurers to help him deal with a band of bandits that have been causing trouble on his property. The bandits have been raiding his caravans and stealing his goods, and he is willing to pay a handsome sum for their removal.

Harcourt offers to pay the party 500 gold pieces upon successful completion of the task. He also shows them the map, which details the location of the bandit’s hideout deep in the forest. What does the party do?

Arin steps forward and begins to negotiate with Lord Harcourt. “500 gold pieces is a fair reward, but we are risking our lives to deal with these bandits. Would you be willing to sweeten the deal a bit?”

Lord Harcourt considers this for a moment, then nods. “Very well,” he says. “I can offer you 600 gold pieces, but that is my final offer. If that is not enough, I will find someone else to deal with these bandits.”

Arin thanks Lord Harcourt for his willingness to negotiate and accepts the job on behalf of The Witty Wanderers. The party then gathers together to plan their next move. What is their plan?

Razzle takes to the stage and begins to play his lute. The crowd in the tavern grows quiet as he starts to sing “When the gnomes come to town”. The Witty Wanderers join in, harmonizing:

When the Gnomes Come to Town

When the gnomes come to town,
They bring joy all around,
With their laughter and their songs,
And their dancing all night long.

So let’s all raise a glass,
To the gnomes and their merry ways,
For they bring light to the darkest days,
And make the world a better place.

When the gnomes come to play,
They chase all our cares away,
With their pranks and their jokes,
And their silly little folks.


When the gnomes come to town,
We all put our troubles down,
And we dance until the dawn,
With the gnomes until they’re gone.

The crowd cheers and applauds as The Witty Wanderers finish the song, and many come up to congratulate them on their performance.

Arin walks over to Razzle’s tip jar and checks its contents. There are a few copper pieces and a silver piece inside, not a huge amount, but enough for a modest meal or a round of drinks.

Arin nods, smiling. “It was a good performance. But let’s not forget why we came here. We need to find work.”

Razzle’s smile fades a little. “Right, of course. Let’s go talk to the man with the map.” The two of them head back over to the table where the man is still studying his map.

A Clearing in the Forest

Lord Harcourt thinks for a moment and then replies, “Well, I’ve heard rumors that the bandits have a secret hideout in the nearby forest. Perhaps if you could locate it and take them by surprise, you might be able to defeat them more easily. But be careful, they are a dangerous group and they won’t hesitate to use violence to protect themselves.”

Grommash nods and thanks Lord Harcourt for his advice. The party then decides to head towards the forest to try and locate the bandit’s hideout.

As The Witty Wanderers make their way through the forest, Arin keeps a sharp eye out for any signs of danger. They move slowly and cautiously, scanning the ground for tracks and watching for any traps that may have been set by the bandits.

After a while, they come across a fork in the road. One path leads deeper into the forest, while the other appears to head towards a rocky outcropping. Arin turns to the rest of the party and asks for their input on which path they should take.

Lilith kneels down and closes her eyes in silent prayer. She calls upon her deity, the goddess of wisdom and guidance, and asks for her divine intervention in choosing the right path. After a few moments of prayer, she opens her eyes and feels a gentle breeze brush past her face. She takes it as a sign and chooses the path to the left.

As the party travels down the chosen path, they soon come across a river with a rickety wooden bridge. It looks unstable, and Lilith can sense that something is not right. She warns the party about the potential danger and suggests that they find an alternate route.

Arin takes the lead and begins searching for signs of the bandits’ movements. He examines the ground carefully, looking for footprints, broken branches, or other indications of the bandits’ presence. After a few minutes of searching, he spots a set of tracks that seem to lead deeper into the forest.

Arin points out the tracks to the rest of the party, and they follow them, keeping a wary eye out for any traps or ambushes. The path leads them deeper into the forest, and the trees grow thicker and more tangled around them.

After an hour of walking, they come across a clearing in the forest where a small campsite has been set up. There are several tents, a fire pit, and a few bedrolls scattered about. The party can hear the sound of voices coming from one of the tents.


Razzle suggest he can make a distraction with a performance to draw the bandits into a trap.

Grommash asks what song will Razzle perform.  Razzle replies, “Bandits can’t touch this”. 

The Witty Wanderers set up an ambush for the bandits, with Razzle waiting to strike up his song when the bandits approach. As the bandits come into view, Razzle jumps up onto a nearby rock and starts to sing “Bandits can’t touch this”:

Bandits can’t touch this

You’re walking down the road, feeling pretty bold,
Thinking you’re the toughest, that’s what you’ve been told.
But you see us up ahead, waiting in the brush,
We’re the Witty Wanderers, and we’ll make you hush.

Bandits can’t touch this, no no no no,
Bandits can’t touch this, no no no no.

You draw your sword and start to charge,
But we’ve got tricks up our sleeve, we’re living large.
We dodge and weave, and land our blows,
Before you know it, you’re on your toes.

Bandits can’t touch this, no no no no,
Bandits can’t touch this, no no no no.

You’re outnumbered and outmatched, it’s plain to see,
But you keep on fighting, trying to break free.
But we’re too strong, and we’ve got the skill,
We’re the Witty Wanderers, and we always will.

As Razzle finishes the song, the bandits charge towards the party. The Witty Wanderers quickly get into position and the battle begins. The party will roll for initiative, with the bandits going first.

A Majestic Creature

Bandit 1 charges at Lilith with a sword in hand.

As Lilith prays, a radiant light fills the air around her and envelops the entire party. Their weapons glow with a holy light and they feel emboldened to fight. The effect of the spell causes the party to receive a bonus to their attack rolls, damage rolls, and saving throws.

Bandit 2, seeing the party glowing with power, hesitates for a moment before launching an attack at Grommash with his scimitar. However, Grommash is able to deflect the blow with his shield.

Arin sneaks up behind bandit 2 and plunges his dagger deep into the bandit’s back, causing him to stumble forward with a cry of pain. The bandit takes 12 points of damage.

Grommash charges towards the bandits, his eyes blazing with fury as he swings his greataxe. He lands a powerful blow on Bandit 1, causing him to stagger back, blood dripping from his wounds. Bandit 1 retaliates with his own attack, but Grommash’s thick armor absorbs most of the damage.

Bandit 3 steps forward to attack, swinging his sword at Razzle. Razzle dodges out of the way just in time, narrowly avoiding the blade. It is now Razzle’s turn in the Initiative order.

As Razzle starts to play his lute, he sings, “Hey there, leader, come and have a listen, we’ve got something for you that’ll leave you smitten.” His fingers deftly move across the strings, and his voice is sweet and alluring. The bandits’ leader, who is currently hiding behind a tree, peeks out and is drawn towards Razzle’s performance. Razzle finishes his spell, and the leader’s expression softens as he looks at Razzle with a smile.

Bandit 4, who saw what Razzle did, charges towards him with a rusty sword, swinging wildly. Zephyr, who is next in the Initiative order, decides to cast Entangle to ensnare the bandits. The vines quickly grow and wrap around the bandits’ feet, making it difficult for them to move.

At the end of the round, Initiative rolls again, and Arin goes first, followed by Grommash, Lilith, Razzle, Bandit 1, Bandit 2, Bandit 3, Bandit 4, and Zephyr.

As Arin dashes towards Bandit 4, he quickly draws his short sword from its sheath and lunges forward. His swift movements catch the bandit off guard, allowing Arin to strike a deadly blow. With a swift slash, Arin plunges his short sword deep into the bandit’s back, leaving him reeling in pain.

Bandit 4 stumbles forward, trying to turn around and face Arin, but the pain from the wound proves too much, and he falls to the ground. The bandit gasps for breath, clutching his wound and unable to stand. It appears that Arin’s attack has ended the threat posed by Bandit 4.

As Grommash charged towards the nearest threat, he swung his greatsword with full force, striking Bandit 4 with a devastating blow. The bandit was barely standing and looked badly wounded.

As Lilith chants her holy incantations, a shimmering spectral weapon takes form, floating next to the nearest bandit. The weapon, in the shape of a mace, glows with divine energy as it strikes the bandit with great force, dealing damage.

Next, Razzle sees an opportunity to use his wand of fireball and takes aim at the group of bandits. He activates the wand, and with a flick of his wrist, a small bead of fire shoots out and explodes, engulfing the bandits in a fiery blast. The bandits, caught off guard, scream in pain and confusion.

Bandit 1, recovering from the surprise attack, retaliates with a swing of his sword at Arin, but misses as Arin gracefully dodges the attack. Bandit 2 follows suit, but his attack is blocked by Grommash’s shield.

Bandit 3, seeing the chaos and destruction caused by Razzle’s fireball, attempts to flee from the battle, but is intercepted and attacked by Lilith’s Spiritual Weapon.

Bandit 4, still charmed by Razzle’s performance, stands idly by, not wanting to harm his new friend.

As the battle rages on, The Witty Wanderers are suddenly surprised to see a majestic creature with iridescent wings flying towards them. As it lands, they realize it is a unicorn, and its name is Zephyr. The creature bows its head and introduces itself, explaining that it has been sent by the forest guardians to aid them in their fight against the bandits. The party is awestruck at the sight of the magical creature, and they welcome Zephyr as their new ally in battle.

Initiative rolls begin again, with Zephyr joining in at the end of the order.

Razzle takes a deep breath and begins to strum his lute. As he begins to sing “Open your eyes and believe”, the bandits turn their attention towards him, curious about the new song.

Open your eyes and believe

We’re all just travelers on this road
Trying to find our way to our abode
Fighting and stealing won’t lead you to glory
It’s time to end this old story

Let’s put down our weapons and stand side by side
Together we can stop this endless divide
A new path awaits us, a brighter way
Let’s start fresh and make a new day

Think about the things you could achieve
If only you’d open your eyes and believe
Life is too short to be living like this
Let’s end the fighting and seal it with a kiss

Let’s put down our weapons and stand side by side
Together we can stop this endless divide
A new path awaits us, a brighter way
Let’s start fresh and make a new day

Zephyr, our new companion, has shown us the light
Join us now, and let’s make things right
Together we can make a difference
Let’s put an end to this nonsense

As Razzle finishes his song, the bandits look at each other, their eyes filled with uncertainty.

Arin shouts out with a sly grin, “That’s it boys, time to drop those weapons before any more of you get hurt.”

Bandit 1 sneers at Arin’s words and charges forward, swinging his sword in an attempt to strike Arin. His attack narrowly misses, and Arin quickly dodges out of the way. It is now Grommash’s turn in the initiative order.

As Grommash charges towards Bandit 1, he raises his weapon high above his head and lets out a fierce battle cry. As he closes in, he brings his weapon down with all his might, striking the bandit with a powerful blow. The bandit staggers back from the force of the attack, looking dazed and badly hurt. However, he remains standing and still brandishes his weapon, ready for another round of combat.

As Lilith casts Zone of Truth, a magical aura envelops the area around the bandits. She demands that they answer her truthfully about who they trust. The bandits begin to squirm uncomfortably as they feel the effects of the spell taking hold. One of the bandits nervously looks around before finally admitting that they only trust their leader, who is not present at the moment. Another bandit looks at Lilith with a defiant glare and refuses to answer, but his eyes betray his fear of the consequences of lying.

Zone of Truth

The rest of the bandits mumble and shuffle around, clearly uncomfortable with the situation. They look at each other, some trying to gauge their companions’ loyalty, while others seem to be weighing their options. It’s clear that the Zone of Truth has created a tense and uncertain atmosphere among the bandits.

Bandit 2, being affected by Razzle’s Charm Person spell, drops his weapon and surrenders. He says, “I trust whoever’s got the gold, and that ain’t us.” He puts his hands up in surrender.

Bandit 3, seeing the dire situation, drops his weapon and raises his hands in surrender, saying, “Alright, alright! I surrender! Please don’t hurt me!” The bandit looks scared and defeated, clearly no match for The Witty Wanderers. The battle seems to have come to an end, at least for now.

Razzle begins strumming his lute and sings in a cheerful voice:

Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum,
We’ve won the day and made them run,
Bandits beware, we’re not to be undone!”

As he sings, he gestures towards each member of The Witty Wanderers, highlighting their strengths and bravery.

Arin’s swift and deadly with his knife,
Grommash’s rage cuts through like a scythe,
Lilith’s faith brings blessings from the divine.

He then strums his lute with a flourish and continues singing:

Zephyr, our new friend, with a mighty roar,
We’ve shown those bandits what we’re fighting for,
Onward we go, towards new adventures in store!”

As Razzle finishes the final verse, he gives a bow and a wink to his fellow adventurers, feeling the energy of victory pulsing through him.

As Lilith holds the bandits in the Zone of Truth, Arin, Grommash, and Razzle take turns interrogating them about the location of their leader and the whereabouts of the stolen loot.

The first bandit nervously reveals that their leader is a notorious bandit named Grimgor and that he is hiding out in a nearby cave. He also admits that the loot is hidden in the same cave.

The second bandit, more defiant, initially refuses to answer but eventually gives in under the pressure of the Zone of Truth. He reveals that Grimgor has a secret entrance to the cave hidden behind a waterfall.

The third bandit is more tight-lipped and refuses to give any information. However, as the other two bandits continue to answer truthfully, he begins to crack and eventually reveals that Grimgor has a group of loyal followers who will protect him at all costs.

As you make your way back to town with the captured bandits in tow, you receive curious and admiring looks from the locals. Word of your victory has already spread, and many people approach you to express their gratitude and admiration for your heroic deeds.

As you reach the town square, you see a group of guards waiting for you, led by a stern-looking captain. He nods at you, acknowledging your success, and orders the guards to take the bandits into custody.

“Excellent work,” he says. “You have done a great service for this town, and I will make sure that your deeds are recognized by the authorities. Please, rest and recover from your ordeal, and know that you have the gratitude of the people of this town.”

With that, the guards lead the bandits away, and the crowd disperses, leaving you alone to bask in the glory of your victory.

Arin says, “We still have work to do, but now we know where the bandit leader is and most importantly, his loot.”

Lilith continues, “The bandit leader’s name is Grimgor.”

Razzle adds, “And he has a group of loyal followers who will protect him at all costs.”

As The Witty Wanderers walk back to town, they discuss their next move. Suddenly, Zephyr speaks up, “I have an idea. I can use my powers to disguise myself as one of Grimgor’s loyal followers and try to infiltrate their group. That way, we can gather more information and possibly take them down from within.”

Arin nods in agreement, “That’s a good plan. It’s risky, but it’s worth a shot.” Lilith adds, “I can cast some spells to enhance your disguise and make it more convincing.”

Grommash says, “I think we have done enough for today.  Time to go to the tavern, celebrate, and rest.  The bandit leader is not going anywhere.”

Razzle adds, “I think I have a new song to try out, how about we get the whole tavern singing!”

The Witty Wanderers make their way to the bustling tavern, eager for some well-earned rest and relaxation. As they enter, Razzle jumps up on a table and begins to sing a rousing shanty, his companions quickly joining in.

Let the Good Time Flow!

Oh, we’re the Witty Wanderers, we fight with all our might.
We’ve faced down many foes, and we always win the fight.
We’ll drink and sing and make merry, all throughout the night.
For we’re the Witty Wanderers, and we’re here to do what’s right!

So let’s raise a glass to victory, and all our fallen foes
Drink to all the battles won, and all the stories we’ll compose
For we’re the Witty Wanderers, feared everywhere we go
Come and join us in our revelry, and let the good times flow!

From the mountains to the sea, we’ve traveled far and wide
Fought off dragons and demons, and we’ve never lost our stride
We’ve stood up for the helpless, and we’ve never been denied
For we’re the Witty Wanderers, and we’re always by your side!


So here’s to all the comrades, who’ve fought and bled and died
Here’s to all the memories, that we’ll keep close inside
Here’s to all the future battles, that we’ll face with pride
For we’re the Witty Wanderers, and we’ll never be denied!


The Witty Wanderers enjoy their drinks and the lively atmosphere of the tavern. Razzle’s song becomes an instant hit, and soon everyone in the tavern is singing along and dancing.

As the night wears on, Lilith shares some of her knowledge of magic with the other patrons, while Grommash entertains the crowd with stories of his battles and adventures. Arin, ever the sly rogue, finds himself in a game of cards with some of the locals, winning hand after hand with his quick wit and even quicker fingers.

As the night comes to a close, The Witty Wanderers retire to their rooms, tired but content after a successful day of battling bandits and celebrating with new friends.

Arin shakes the tip jar and hears the clinking of gold coins inside. After counting the coins, he estimates that they made around 50 gold pieces in tips from their performance.

The Witty Wanderers invite Zephyr to join their elite band of do-gooders.

Zephyr gratefully accepts the invitation and expresses her excitement to embark on more adventures with The Witty Wanderers.

Razzle was amazed to see Zephyr transform into an elf ranger. “Wow, I’ve never seen anything like that before,” he exclaimed. “You truly are a remarkable creature, Zephyr.”

Zephyr smiles warmly at Razzle. “Thank you, I’ve had many adventures and learned many skills over the years. I’m happy to share them with you all and join your quest to do good in the world.”

The Witty Wanderers retire to their bunks to rest before continuing their adventures in the morning.  

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March to Grimgor

The Witty Wanderers retire to their bunks to rest before continuing their adventures in the morning. 

It is now the morning of the 13th day of the 6th month, and The Witty Wanderers awaken from their slumber, ready to begin their new day of adventure.

The party meets at a large table in the tavern, they discuss their plans to sneak into Grimgor’s camp and put a stop to the bandits.

Arin leans in and says, “We’ll need to be stealthy and avoid any patrols. Grommash, Lilith, and Zephyr can keep watch while Razzle and I sneak in to gather intel on Grimgor’s location and defenses.”

Grommash nods in agreement and says, “I’ll lead the way and make sure we avoid any traps or ambushes.”

Lilith adds, “I can create an illusion to distract the guards while you two sneak in.”

Razzle chimes in, “And I’ll use my bardic magic to charm any guards we encounter, making them think we belong there.”

Arin nods and says, “Let’s do this. We need to stop Grimgor before he causes any more trouble for this town.”

With a plan in place, The Witty Wanderers set out to stop Grimgor and his band of bandits.

As the party moves through the forest, they keep a close eye out for any signs of danger. The trees and undergrowth provide ample cover, but they remain cautious, knowing that Grimgor’s bandits could be lurking nearby.

As they approach the camp, they can hear the sound of laughter and shouting. The bandits seem to be in high spirits, perhaps celebrating their recent successful raids. The party takes cover behind some nearby trees and begins to devise a plan.

Arin suggests that they try to sneak into the camp under the cover of darkness, while Lilith proposes using some of her illusions to create a distraction. Razzle suggests that they try to gather more information about the layout of the camp before making any moves.

Grommash grunts in agreement, eyeing the bandit camp warily. He suggests that they try to take out the sentries first, to avoid any alarms being raised.

Zephyr nods in agreement, her keen elven senses already scanning the area for any signs of danger. She suggests that they split up into two groups, with one group causing a distraction while the other sneaks in and takes out the sentries.

The party agrees to Zephyr’s plan and splits into two groups. Arin, Razzle, and Lilith will create a distraction, while Grommash and Zephyr sneak in and take out the sentries. They set their plan in motion and move carefully toward the bandit camp.

As Razzle begins to play his spooky tune, the bandit sentries are immediately on edge, scanning the area for any signs of danger. Meanwhile, Arin silently moves around to the back of the sentries, preparing himself for an ambush.

As Lilith calls upon her ancestors, wispy spirits begin to appear and swirl around the campsite, causing the bandits to become disoriented and fearful. This distraction allows Grommash and Zephyr to move in closer to the camp, unnoticed.

The bandits, now fully on edge, start to argue among themselves about what to do next. Suddenly, Arin leaps from the shadows and takes out the sentries with a swift blow, allowing the rest of the party to charge into the camp.

Grommash and Zephyr engage in fierce combat with the bandits, while Lilith’s spirits continue to haunt and distract them. Razzle’s spooky tune only adds to the confusion and fear of the bandits, making them easy targets for the party.

After a few minutes of intense fighting, the bandits finally surrender, realizing they are outmatched. The Witty Wanderers have successfully taken down Grimgor’s bandit camp and put an end to their reign of terror.

The Zone of Truth falls over the prisoners as Lilith casts her spell. Grommash steps forward and glares at the bandits, “Where is Grimgor?” he demands.

The first bandit swallows hard before answering truthfully, “He’s in his tent at the back of the camp.”

Arin steps forward and asks the next question, “Where is the loot you stole?”

The second bandit hesitates before answering, “It’s hidden in the old mine shaft near the river, to the west of the camp.”

As they answer, Zephyr remains vigilant and watches for any signs of danger. Meanwhile, Razzle pulls out his lute and strikes up a new tune. The upbeat song describes their recent battle and the thrill of victory. The lyrics are full of puns and wordplay that elicit smiles and laughter from his companions.

Razzle strums his lute and begins to sing in a jovial tune:

 Take a Stand

Oh, we’re the Witty Wanderers, a band so bold and brave
We travel far and wide, to help those who need to be saved
We’ve faced many foes, in battle we’ve stood our ground
And now we’re here to take on Grimgor and his bandit hounds

With swords in hand, we’ll take a stand
And fight for what is right
The Witty Wanderers, we’ll never back down
We’ll win this fight tonight

We snuck into their camp, with plans to take them out
We ambushed their sentries, without a single doubt
We interrogated their prisoners, with Zone of Truth
And learned of Grimgor’s whereabouts, now we have proof


We march to Grimgor’s hideout, put an end to his reign
Take him down with all our might, make him feel the pain
Loot he’s stolen from townsfolk, we’ll return it to their hands
they’ll know the Witty Wanderers, are the ones who take a stand


Razzle finishes his song with a flourish on his lute and a big grin on his face. As the party binds and gags the bandits to the trees, they take a moment to catch their breath and discuss their next steps. Arin suggests that they split up, with Grommash and Lilith taking one group of prisoners back to town while he and Razzle stay behind to keep watch over the remaining bandits and wait for Grimgor to return.

The party agrees and splits up, with Grommash and Lilith leading the prisoners away from the camp while Arin and Razzle stay behind. Zephyr, now back in her unicorn form, accompanies Grommash and Lilith, offering his aid in keeping watch and ensuring the safe transport of the prisoners.

As the two groups part ways, the party can’t help but feel a sense of unease. The mission is far from over, and they know that Grimgor and his loyal followers won’t go down without a fight. But they remain determined, knowing that they must put an end to this bandit threat once and for all.

As the rest of the party hurries away with the prisoners, Arin and Razzle keep watch over the camp from a safe distance. They see some movement and hear shouting from within the camp, but they cannot discern what is happening. 

Grommash, Lilith, and Zephyr hurry back to where Arin and Razzle are keeping watch over Grimgor’s bandit camp. As they approach, they notice that there is some commotion within the camp. They quickly duck behind some bushes and observe the scene.

They see Grimgor emerge from his tent, looking agitated. He is shouting orders to his men and it’s clear that something is wrong. The party can’t hear what he’s saying from their hiding spot, but they can tell that Grimgor is not happy.

Grommash whispers to the rest of the party, “We need to find out what’s going on. Let’s move closer and see if we can hear anything.”

Lilith nods and casts Pass without Trace on the party, allowing them to move stealthily towards the camp. They get within earshot of the bandits and listen carefully.

From their hiding spot, the party overhears Grimgor bellowing at his men, “How did they find us? This was supposed to be a secret location!”

One of the bandits timidly steps forward and says, “B-boss, we don’t know how they found us. We’ve been keeping a low profile, just like you said.”

Grimgor glares at the bandit and growls, “Well, someone must have talked. We need to move and we need to move now. Gather everything we can and get ready to leave.”

The party watches as the bandits start to pack up their belongings and prepare to leave the camp. They know that they need to act fast if they want to stop Grimgor and his men.



Grimgor’s Turn

As The Witty Wanderers move silently ahead of the bandits, they carefully scout the terrain for the best spot to set up their ambush. Arin leads the way, using his keen perception and knowledge of the area to find a narrow passage between two rocky outcroppings that would be perfect for an ambush.

Once they have found the ideal spot, the party quickly sets up their plan of attack. Grommash and Zephyr take positions on either side of the passage, ready to unleash a flurry of arrows at the bandits as they approach. Lilith casts a spell to create a wall of thorns at the other end of the passage, to prevent the bandits from retreating.

As they wait for the bandits to arrive, Razzle begins to sing a haunting melody, using his magic to amplify his voice and create an eerie atmosphere. Arin remains hidden, poised to strike when the bandits come into view.

The tension mounts as the sound of approaching footsteps grows louder. The Witty Wanderers grip their weapons tightly and prepare to spring their trap.

As the Witty Wanderers set up their ambush, they hear the sounds of the bandits approaching. They quickly take their positions, ready to strike.

Zephyr’s arrows hit Grimgor with deadly precision, causing him to stumble backwards. Hunter’s Mark also takes effect, making it easier to track Grimgor’s movements.

Next up is Grimgor’s turn. He shakes off the effects of the attack and charges towards the party, swinging his massive greatsword.

One of the bandits attempts to attack Grommash with a rusty sword, but misses as Grommash expertly parries the blow with his shield. The bandit snarls in frustration and readies himself for Grommash’s counterattack.

Lilith raises her hands and speaks a prayer to her elven deity. As she completes her incantation, a ray of magical energy shoots out of her hands and strikes the bandit, who suddenly freezes in place, unable to move. The bandit is held in a state of paralysis for the duration of the spell, unless they succeed on a Wisdom saving throw. Lilith then calmly surveys the battlefield, looking for her next target.

Grimgor, the bandit leader, roars in anger as he sees his men being taken down. He charges towards the party with his greatsword drawn, ready to strike. He takes a swing at Grommash with his sword, aiming to cleave the half-orc in two.

Grimgor rolls a 17 to hit Grommash. Grommash raises his shield just in time, deflecting the blow with a loud clang.

Grommash lets out a fierce roar as he enters a state of rage, his eyes glowing with fury. He charges at Grimgor, his greataxe raised high. With a mighty swing, Grommash brings the axe down upon Grimgor’s shoulder. 

Rolling to hit, Grommash gets a 19. Grommash deals 10 points of slashing damage to Grimgor, as his greataxe bites deep into the bandit leader’s flesh.

It is now Grimgor’s turn. He grunts in pain and fury as he swings his greatsword at Grommash. Rolling to hit, Grimgor gets a 12. However, Grommash manages to dodge the attack, narrowly avoiding the blow.

Grommash, fueled by his rage, swings his greataxe with all his might, striking Grimgor multiple times. He lands two powerful blows, dealing a total of 24 damage. Grimgor staggers, but manages to remain standing.

It is now Grimgor’s turn. He snarls, and with a wicked grin, he lashes out at Grommash with his own greatsword. His first attack misses, but the second lands, dealing 8 slashing damage.

As Razzle strums his lute, he begins to sing in a boisterous voice:

Tasha’s Hideous Laughter

Grimgor, Grimgor, he’s the big boss man,
But when I sing my song, he’ll be laughin’ like a clown.
He thinks he’s so tough, with his bandit crew,
But when I’m done with him, he’ll be crying like a baby, boo hoo!

The bandits, the bandits, they think they’re so bad,
But when they hear my tune, they’ll be giggling like a lass.
Their swords and their shields, they’ll be falling to the ground,
They won’t be able to fight, with laughter all around!

So listen up, Grimgor, and listen up, bandits too,
You can’t stop my song, no matter what you do.
With Tasha’s hideous laughter, you’ll be rolling on the floor,
And when you’re all done laughing, we’ll show you to the door!

As Razzle finishes his song, Grimgor and the bandits begin to convulse with uncontrollable laughter. They are incapacitated and unable to fight for the next few rounds.

As Lilith starts her fiery sermon, the flames of her passion begin to grow, flickering and dancing around her as she speaks with conviction. Her words echo in the stillness of the aftermath of the battle, commanding attention from all those around her.

Meanwhile, Razzle continues to play his haunting tune, causing the bandits to break out into uncontrollable laughter, unable to resist the magic of his song.

Arin scours the area, searching for any hidden caches of loot that the bandits may have hidden away. He finds a few scattered coins, some weapons, and a few valuable trinkets. However, it’s clear that Grimgor and his bandits were not as successful in their pillaging as they may have hoped.

The Witty Wanderers work together to disarm and tie up the bandits, securing them for transport back to the town for trial and punishment. They make sure to retrieve any weapons and loot that could be used as evidence.

As the group prepares to depart, they can’t help but feel a sense of satisfaction and relief. They had successfully put a stop to the bandits’ operations and saved the town from further harm.

As the Witty Wanderers march Grimgor and his bandits back to town, they receive congratulations and praise from the locals, who had suffered under the bandits’ tyranny for too long. Lord Harcourt is impressed by the party’s success and rewards them with a generous sum of gold, as well as a magical item from his personal collection.

After collecting their reward, the party retires to the local tavern to celebrate their victory. As they relax with their drinks, they discuss their next adventure and the possibilities that lie ahead.

Grommash suggests checking the town’s notice board for any requests or bounties. Arin nods in agreement and adds that they should also ask around the town to see if anyone has heard of any trouble in the surrounding areas.

Lilith suggests that they could also visit the local temple to see if there are any quests that align with their values and beliefs.

Razzle chimes in and suggests that they could also try to find work by performing at various inns and taverns, as their music and performances might attract attention and lead to job opportunities.

The Goblin Farmer

Zephyr listens to all of their suggestions and then offers to scout the surrounding areas to see if they can find any signs of trouble or danger that might require their assistance.

The party agrees to split up and explore each of these options, with a plan to reconvene at the tavern later that night to share any information they have gathered.

After a few hours, the party reconvenes at their table. Razzle has collected some gold and a few rumors, while Grommash has found a notice posted by a local farmer who is having trouble with goblins raiding his crops. Lilith learned of a local caravan that is being attacked by bandits and needs help. Zephyr didn’t find any immediate danger, but did come across a lost child who needs help finding their way back to the town. Arin overheard some talk of a hidden treasure in a nearby cave.

The party discusses their options and decides to split up to tackle each task. Grommash and Lilith will take on the goblin problem at the farm, while Zephyr will help the lost child and Arin will lead the way to the rumored treasure. Razzle will stay behind and continue to gather information and gold for the party.

With their plan in place, the party finishes their drinks and sets off to complete their tasks.

As Grommash and Lilith make their way to the farm, they notice the sun starting to set on the horizon, casting a golden glow over the fields. The sound of crickets chirping fills the air, and the warm summer breeze rustles the leaves of the nearby trees.

When they arrive at the farm, they see the goblin farmer outside tending to his crops. He looks up and greets them warmly, thanking them for their help in dealing with the bandits. He tells them that his crops have been growing well, thanks to their protection, and that he’s been able to sell his produce at the market for a good price.

However, the goblin farmer seems a bit worried as he explains that he’s been having trouble with some pesky pests that have been eating his crops. He shows Grommash and Lilith some gnawed leaves and vegetables and asks if they can help him with the problem.

Grommash, being skilled in combat and survival, suggests setting traps and hunting down the pests. Lilith, on the other hand, suggests using natural remedies and blessings to protect the crops.

Together, they come up with a plan to address the goblin farmer’s pest problem, and they spend the rest of the evening working on it. As the moon rises high in the sky, they bid the goblin farmer farewell and head back to the town, ready to share their success with the rest of the party.

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Location of the Treasure

As Zephyr walks with the lost child, she leads him through a dense forest and eventually to a small clearing where a small wooden cabin sits. The child runs ahead and bursts into the cabin, calling out for her parents.
A woman rushes out of the cabin, relief flooding her face as she sees her daughter safe and sound. She thanks Zephyr for her help and offers him a small pouch of gold coins as a token of her gratitude. Zephyr graciously accepts the pouch and bids the family farewell before heading back to the town.
As Zephyr walks through the forest, she senses a presence nearby. She quickly scans her surroundings and spots a pack of wolves approaching her. The wolves seem agitated and defensive, and Zephyr realizes that she must have strayed too close to their den.
Zephyr readies her bow and prepares to defend herself against the wolves. She fires a few arrows at the wolves, but they dodge and weave with impressive speed and agility. Zephyr realizes that she needs to change her tactics if she wants to survive this encounter.
As the wolves close in, Zephyr concentrates and transforms into her unicorn form. The wolves are momentarily stunned by the sudden appearance of the unicorn and hesitate, allowing Zephyr to gallop away and escape their pursuit.
Exhausted but relieved, Zephyr makes her way back to the town to reunite with her fellow Witty Wanderers and share her adventure with them.

As Arin follows the rumors to the location of the treasure, he comes across a dense forest. He navigates through the trees, making sure to keep an eye out for any dangers. Eventually, he finds himself in a clearing where he sees a large rock formation that looks like a face. The rumors he heard before suggested that the treasure was hidden somewhere near this formation.
Arin begins to search the area, carefully examining the rocks and the surrounding foliage. After a while, he notices a small opening in the ground near the base of the formation. As he gets closer, he sees that it leads into a narrow tunnel.
Without hesitating, Arin crawls through the tunnel, trying to avoid the cobwebs and spiders that line the walls. After what feels like an eternity, he emerges into a small chamber. The room is dimly lit by a few torches, and in the center of the room sits a large chest.
Arin approaches the chest, examining it for any traps or locks. To his surprise, the chest is unlocked and appears to be completely safe. He slowly opens it, and his eyes widen as he sees the glittering pile of gold, jewels, and other treasures inside.
As he begins to collect the treasure, Arin can’t help but feel a sense of satisfaction. He had heard about this treasure for years, and now it was finally his. But as he picks up a particularly large and valuable gem, he hears a noise behind him.
Startled, Arin turns around to see a group of bandits standing in the doorway. They look just as surprised to see him, and draw their weapons. Arin quickly draws his own weapons and prepares to fight.

A Creature Bounty

Arin quickly pulls out a smoke bomb from his pouch and throws it towards the group of bandits, creating a thick cloud of smoke that engulfs the area. As the bandits are momentarily disoriented, Arin dashes towards the location of the treasure.
One of the bandits tries to follow him through the smoke, but his vision is obscured and he ends up tripping over a nearby log, giving Arin enough time to get away. As Arin reaches the location of the treasure, he sees a large, ornate chest sitting in the middle of the room.
Suddenly, he hears footsteps behind him, and turns around to see a bandit charging towards him, sword drawn. Arin quickly assesses the situation and decides to engage in combat.

Next, Arin rolls to attack using their short sword and his Sneak Attack ability. The attack is successful, and Arin rolls for damage, getting a 6 from the short sword and an additional 4 from the Sneak Attack ability. The bandit takes 10 damage in total.
Since Arin used his bonus action to attack with Backstab, he cannot use another bonus action this turn.
Arin plunges his dagger deep into the bandit’s back, inflicting a critical hit. The bandit collapses to the ground, dead.
The other bandits turn their attention to Arin and begin to move in to attack. The bandit captain, a burly man with a large sword, charges at Arin and swings his weapon at the rogue.
Arin manages to dodge the captain’s attack, narrowly avoiding a deadly blow. In response, Arin moves quickly and throws a flurry of daggers at the captain. One of the daggers manages to land a hit, causing the captain to stumble backwards.
The bandits continue to press their attack, but Arin proves to be too elusive for them. Using his agility and cunning, Arin dodges and weaves through the bandits’ attacks, striking back with quick, deadly blows.
As the battle rages on, Arin begins to tire. The bandits, sensing weakness, close in on the rogue. However, just as it seems that Arin is about to be overwhelmed, a group of armed guards burst into the room and apprehend the remaining bandits.

Arin breathes a sigh of relief and thanks the guards for their timely intervention. The guards inform Arin that they had received a tip about the bandits’ activities and had been tracking them for some time.
With the treasure secured and the bandits defeated, Arin makes his way back to the Witty Wanderers to share the spoils of his victory.

As Razzle takes the stage and begins to play his lute, the tavern patrons start to gather around. He launches into a lively tune that quickly gets the crowd tapping their feet and clapping along.
As the song winds down, Razzle takes a sip of his ale and looks out at the crowd. He notices a few people in the back of the tavern who seem to be trying to stay out of sight. They’re huddled together and speaking in hushed tones.
Razzle decides to investigate and makes his way over to them. As he approaches, he can hear them talking about a strange creature that’s been spotted in the nearby forest. They’re worried it might be dangerous and are wondering if anyone in the tavern knows how to deal with it.
Razzle offers to help and the group eagerly accepts. They provide him with some details on where the creature was last seen and what it looks like. They also offer a small reward for his services.
Razzle thanks them and heads back to the rest of the party to share the news of this potential job.
Grommash starts off, “We went to check on the goblin farmer and it turned out he was having trouble with some pesky pests that have been eating his crops. We set traps, natural remedies and blessings to protect him and his farm.”
Lilith adds, “After that, we helped a lost child find her way home. It was a bit of a detour, but I think it was the right thing to do.”
Zephyr chimes in, “While Lilith was busy with the child, I scouted the area and found signs of a possible bandit camp nearby. We should investigate it soon.”
Arin, looking pleased with himself, says, “I found the treasure we’ve been looking for. It was well guarded, but I managed to get away with it.”
Razzle finishes the stories by saying, “While you all were out adventuring, I stayed behind and gathered information. I heard about a creature bounty that could be worth our time. It’s a dangerous creature, but I think we can handle it.”
The group discusses the stories and the creature bounty.
Grommash says annoyed, “I am sick of bashing bandit heads, I say we take on the dangerous creature!”
Lilith nods in agreement, “I agree with Grommash, taking on this dangerous creature could be a great challenge for us and help us grow stronger.”
Arin chimes in, “Plus, if there’s a bounty on its head, we could use the reward to fund our next adventure.”
Zephyr adds, “And if it’s causing trouble for the local villagers, it’s our duty to help protect them.”
Razzle nods in agreement, “I couldn’t agree more. Let’s take on this creature and show everyone what The Witty Wanderers are capable of!”

As Fame Grows

The party discusses their plan of attack and decides to gather more information about the creature before heading out to find and defeat it. They ask around the tavern and nearby villagers for any information they might have about the creature’s location and habits. They also purchase any necessary supplies and weapons to prepare for the fight ahead.

Once they have gathered enough information, the party sets out to find the creature and bring it down. After a long and arduous battle, they finally succeed in defeating the creature and collecting the bounty. As they return to town, they are met with cheers and applause from the grateful villagers who are no longer afraid of the creature’s attacks.

The Witty Wanderers bask in their victory, proud of the work they have accomplished and ready for whatever adventures may come their way next.

Razzle takes a deep breath and strums his lute, catching the attention of the patrons at the tavern. As he starts to sing, the crowd quiets down, eager to hear the story of the Witty Wanderers.

Heroes Brave and Bold

“In the land of adventure and gold,
There’s a band of heroes brave and bold,
With a half-orc warrior leading the way,
And a dark elf cleric, who knows what to say.

A half-elf rogue with skills of thievery,
A gnome bard, singing songs of bravery,
And an elf ranger as a loyal friend,
A unicorn who’ll fight until the end.

They fought against bandits, and won with ease,
Sought out treasure, and found it with ease,
And when a child was lost and afraid,
Zephyr helped her find her way.”

The crowd cheers and claps as Razzle finishes his first verse, and he continues with his second and third verses, weaving together the tale of the Witty Wanderers’ adventures. The patrons join in with the chorus, singing along and raising their mugs in tribute to the heroic deeds of the party.
As Razzle finishes his song, the crowd erupts into cheers and applause. The Witty Wanderers’ fame has grown, and their reputation as skilled adventurers and defenders of the innocent has spread far and wide.
The party continues into the late night, with Razzle’s songs and ale flowing freely. People from all over the tavern start to join in on the festivities, asking the party about their latest adventures and cheering them on. Grommash tells stories of his fierce battles, while Lilith shares her wisdom and healing spells. Arin regales the crowd with tales of his daring heists and close escapes, and Zephyr talks about his time spent exploring the wilderness.
The group eventually realizes that they’ve been talking and drinking for hours, and it’s getting late. They say their goodbyes to the patrons and make their way back to their rooms in the inn. As they settle in for the night, they can’t help but feel grateful for the camaraderie and sense of purpose they have found with each other. They drift off to sleep, excited for whatever adventure the morning may bring.
As the party awakens, they stretch their limbs and enjoy the comfort of their beds in the cozy inn. As they make their way down to the common room, the aroma of fresh coffee and hotcakes fills the air, making their stomachs grumble. They take their seats at a large wooden table and order their breakfast.
As they munch on their food, they begin to discuss their next adventure. Zephyr suggests they investigate a strange occurrence in the nearby forest, where travelers have reported hearing eerie sounds and seeing strange lights. Grommash agrees, eager for a challenge. Lilith nods in agreement, hoping to help any travelers in need. Arin, always up for a bit of excitement, agrees, while Razzle is happy to go along for the ride and the potential for a new song.
With their plan set, they finish their breakfast and gather their gear. The Witty Wanderers set out, eager to uncover the mystery of the strange occurrences in the forest.

The Groupie Horde

As Zephyr leads the way, the party travels through a dense forest. The elf ranger’s sharp senses and tracking abilities allow him to navigate through the thick foliage and avoid any potential dangers.
After a few hours of travel, Zephyr suddenly stops in his tracks and signals the party to halt. He points to a clearing ahead and whispers to the group, “I sense something dangerous. We should be cautious.”
The party follows Zephyr’s lead, moving slowly and stealthily towards the clearing. As they approach, they see a group of goblins surrounding a small group of travelers, who appear to be unarmed and defenseless.
Grommash growls, unsheathing his sword, while Lilith readies her mace. Arin and Razzle look to each other, silently agreeing to provide support from the backline. Zephyr signals for the party to split up and approach from different angles, in order to catch the goblins off guard.
As the party moves into position, the goblins begin to notice their presence. One of the goblins points to the party and screeches, “Intruders! Attack!”
Lilith prays to her deity and casts bless, causing a wave of divine energy to flow over the party, granting them all a sacred boost to their attacks and saving throws.
As she finishes her prayer, a group of goblins emerge from the trees ahead, armed with crude weapons and shields. They let out a war cry and charge towards the party.
It’s time for the party to take action! What will they do?
Razzle takes out his lute and begins strumming a jaunty tune, while he sings the following lyrics in a loud and clear voice:

Goblins, goblins

Goblins, goblins, they come our way
With ugly faces and swords to play
But I’ve got a trick up my sleeve
A song that’ll make them laugh and heave

Tasha’s Hideous Laughter, ha ha ha
It’ll make them roll and laugh
Tasha’s Hideous Laughter, ho ho ho
They’ll be helpless, don’t you know

Goblins, goblins, they start to cackle
They can’t control it, their knees they buckle
As they roll around on the ground
We strike them down, no mercy found


Goblins, goblins, they’re no longer foes
But mere fools with red noses
We tie them up and make them pay
For crossing our path on this day

As Razzle finishes his song, the goblins start to laugh uncontrollably, unable to stand up straight or fight back. The party quickly takes advantage of the situation and ties them up, making sure they can’t cause any more trouble. Razzle’s performance earns him a round of applause from the party and a few other patrons in the nearby area.

As the party looks around, they see a small group of people standing nearby, wearing matching t-shirts and holding signs with their names on them. One of them, a young woman with bright pink hair, steps forward and speaks up.
“Hey there! We’re your biggest fans!” she says, beaming with excitement. “We heard about all your adventures and we just had to come see you in person!”
The rest of the group nods in agreement and cheers, waving their signs and chanting the party’s names.
Grommash looks a little uncomfortable with all the attention, but Lilith smiles warmly at the fans and Arin seems intrigued.
Razzle, on the other hand, looks like he’s in his element. He immediately starts playing a jaunty tune on his lute and beckons the fans to come closer.
“Come on, everyone!” he sings out. “Let’s have a proper celebration! We’ve got ale, we’ve got music, and we’ve got the best fans in the land!”
The fans cheer and swarm around the party, eager to join in the festivities. It looks like The Witty Wanderers have just gained a whole new group of followers.

Groupie Horde


The Groupie Horde is a swarm of dedicated fans, who will stop at nothing to get close to their favorite adventurers. They are a chaotic mass of people, all with varying degrees of skill and abilities. They have a strong desire to be noticed by their idols, and will do whatever it takes to impress them.


Strength: 10, Dexterity: 12, Constitution: 8, Intelligence: 6, Wisdom: 10, Charisma: 16


Swarm: The Groupie Horde can move as a swarm and engulf enemies, dealing damage as they pass through. This ability also allows them to move through small openings and obstacles that would normally impede other creatures.

Wall of Groupies: The Groupie Horde can form a wall of people, blocking the way for enemies and providing cover for their favorite adventurers. This ability can also be used to distract enemies and make them lose focus.
Fan Support: The Groupie Horde can provide a boost to their favorite adventurers, granting them temporary bonuses to abilities or skills, or even healing them in battle.

The Groupie Horde is easily dispersed by area-of-effect attacks or spells, and they can become disoriented or lose their focus if their idols are not present or in danger. They are also vulnerable to attacks that target large groups of creatures, such as fireballs or whirlwinds.

Overall, the Groupie Horde is a formidable force when they are supporting their idols, but they are not meant to be used as a primary combat unit. Instead, they are best used as a distraction or a source of support, providing their favorite adventurers with the boost they need to succeed in battle.

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A Strange Ritual

As Razzle explains the usefulness of the groupies, he points out that they could be used as a distraction or as extra help in battle. He also mentions that they seem to be very loyal and willing to do whatever the party needs.
Grommash looks skeptical and asks, “Are you sure they won’t be a liability? We already have enough to worry about in battle without having to protect a bunch of groupies.”
Arin chimes in, “I agree with Grommash. We need to focus on our mission, not on babysitting a bunch of fans.”
Lilith nods in agreement, “I understand your point, Razzle, but we need to be careful. We don’t want to put anyone in danger.”
Zephyr stays quiet, observing the situation and waiting for the right moment to interject.
Razzle listens to their concerns and replies, “I understand your hesitation, but I think we could really benefit from having these groupies with us. Plus, if we don’t take them with us, who knows what kind of trouble they might get into on their own?”
Zephyr finally speaks up, “I think Razzle might be right. We could use their help and keep them safe at the same time. Maybe we can teach them some basic combat skills and use them in non-combat situations.”
The party considers Zephyr’s suggestion and eventually agrees to take the groupies with them, but they make it clear that the groupies will need to follow their instructions and stay out of harm’s way.

As The Witty Wanderers make their way deeper into the forest, they begin to notice that the trees are becoming more sparse, and the ground beneath their feet is becoming increasingly rocky and uneven. Suddenly, they hear a faint humming sound in the distance.
As they move closer to the source of the sound, they come across a cave entrance. The humming sound seems to be coming from within the cave. The party decides to investigate, cautiously making their way inside.
As they venture deeper into the cave, the party begins to notice strange symbols etched into the walls. Grommash, with his knowledge of ancient languages, is able to decipher the symbols as an ancient form of magic. The symbols seem to be warding off some sort of evil presence, but the party cannot determine what it is.
As they continue through the cave, they come across a group of goblins that seem to be guarding something. The goblins immediately attack, but The Witty Wanderers are able to defeat them with ease.
Upon investigating the area, the party discovers a hidden door that leads to a room filled with treasure. As they examine the treasure, they find an ancient map that seems to lead to a location deeper in the forest.
Excited by the prospect of uncovering more clues to the mystery they are trying to solve, the party decides to follow the map and continue their journey into the forest.

As they follow the map, the Witty Wanderers come across a clearing in the forest where a group of hooded figures are performing a strange ritual. The figures are gathered around a large stone altar, and a faint purple light emanates from the center of the altar.
Zephyr motions for the party to stay hidden, and they watch as the hooded figures chant and perform the ritual. Suddenly, the purple light intensifies and a creature emerges from the center of the altar. It appears to be a dark, shadowy entity with glowing red eyes.
Grommash whispers, “I don’t like the look of that thing. We should attack it now before it has a chance to do any harm.”
Lilith shakes her head, “No, we must be cautious. Let’s observe and see what it does first.”
Arin nods in agreement, “We need to know what we’re up against before we attack. And we need to be sure we can handle it.”
Razzle suggests, “Maybe we can find out more information about this creature and its weaknesses. We should try to sneak closer and eavesdrop on the hooded figures’ conversation.”
Zephyr leads the party in a careful approach, using his ranger skills to keep them hidden. They manage to get close enough to hear the hooded figures’ conversation. They learn that the creature is a shadow demon, summoned by the hooded figures to do their bidding.
The Witty Wanderers quickly formulate a plan to defeat the shadow demon and stop the hooded figures’ ritual. They prepare their weapons and spells, and wait for the right moment to strike.

As the hooded figures complete their ritual, the shadow demon begins to move towards them. The Witty Wanderers spring into action, attacking the demon with all their might.
Lilith channels the power of her deity to smite the demon with divine energy, while Grommash charges in with his sword. Arin uses his rogue skills to flank the demon and deliver devastating backstabs, and Razzle casts spells to weaken and confuse the demon.
Zephyr provides ranged support with his bow, picking off the hooded figures one by one. The groupies, with their swarm ability, create a wall of bodies around the party to protect them from the demon’s attacks.
The battle is long and intense, but in the end, the Witty Wanderers emerge victorious. The shadow demon is banished back to the netherworld, and the hooded figures are defeated.
As they catch their breath and tend to their wounds, the Witty Wanderers realize that they have uncovered a dark plot. They vow to investigate further and put a stop to any more evil deeds in the forest.
Arin quickly goes through the belongings of the cultists, finding a few pieces of gold, some ritualistic daggers, and a strange journal with indecipherable symbols and writings.
Zephyr and Grommash search the surrounding area, noticing strange markings on the trees and signs of recent activity. They find a hidden path leading deeper into the forest.
Lilith tends to the wounds of the groupies, healing them with her divine magic.

Into the Temple

Razzle pulls out his lute and starts strumming a cheerful tune, catching the attention of everyone present. He sings in a clear and resonant voice, the lyrics going something like this:

Let Your Spirits Soar

In the depths of the forest, where shadows reign,
We stand together, our wills unchained,
With the power of our friendship, we’ll never fall,
And rise victorious, we’ll conquer all.

So raise your voices, let your spirits soar,
We’re the Witty Wanderers, and we’re here to explore,
With our courage and our strength, we’ll blaze a trail,
And leave behind us, a legacy that’ll never fail.

Through the darkest night, we’ll find our way,
With our hearts ablaze, we’ll seize the day,
And though the road ahead may be rough,
We’ll stay together, we’re more than enough.


The song fills everyone with renewed energy and determination, and the groupies join in with their own chanting and cheering. The mood becomes more lively and optimistic, and the Witty Wanderers feel ready to face whatever challenges lie ahead.
Zephyr suggests that they follow the hidden path to find out more about the cult and the strange occurrences in the forest. Lilith agrees, saying that it is their duty to uncover the truth and protect the innocent.
Razzle suggests that they proceed with caution and stay alert, as they have no idea what they might encounter. He pulls out his lute and begins to play a low, ominous tune to set the mood.

As the party follows the hidden path, they come across a clearing with a large stone structure in the center. The structure appears to be some kind of temple, and there are cultists milling about.
Arin sneaks ahead to gather more information, and comes back to report that there is a ritual taking place inside the temple. The party decides to launch a surprise attack and disrupt the ritual.

Grommash leads the charge, charging into the temple with his sword drawn. Zephyr follows closely behind, firing arrows at the cultists. Lilith casts a powerful spell, causing the ground to shake and knocking the cultists off their feet.
Razzle uses his bardic powers to charm and distract the cultists, causing confusion and chaos. The groupies, who had been waiting outside the temple, rush in and attack the cultists with a flurry of tiny fists.
In the end, the party emerges victorious, having disrupted the cult’s ritual and foiled their plans. As they catch their breath and tend to their wounds, Razzle begins to play a cheerful tune on his lute to celebrate their victory.
Razzle strums his lute and begins to sing a song about the groupies:

They Never Go Away

We met them on the road one day
A swarm of fans came our way
They followed us through thick and thin
And now they’re here, our friends within

The groupies, oh the groupies
They sing and dance and play
The groupies, oh the groupies
They never go away

They may be small, but they are mighty
And with them, our battles are lively
They cheer us on with every swing
The groupies make our victory sing


As Razzle finishes the song, the groupies dance and cheer, happy to have been included in the bard’s music.

The groupies are a motley crew of mostly humanoids, mostly young and enthusiastic, with a few older and wiser-looking members. They are dressed in colorful and flamboyant outfits, with lots of glitter and sequins. They have banners and signs with slogans supporting The Witty Wanderers, and some even wear T-shirts with the party’s logo. They have an infectious energy and seem to be genuinely excited to be part of the adventure. However, upon closer inspection, it’s clear that many of them are armed with improvised weapons, like sticks and rocks, suggesting that they are not just fans, but also ready to defend themselves and their heroes if necessary.

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